Bruno Barbon

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Carver, Ebonist and Restorer


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BRUNO BARBON is a carver and restorer. On commission, he creates moretti (Venetian moors), putti, candlesticks, frames, plaques, ornaments, sculptures and furniture of all kinds. He is one of the few craftsman who still carves the famous moretti veneziani. His creations range from unique pieces made to the customer’s design to copies and reproductions of period works. He restores furniture, chairs, console tables, frames, sculptures and wooden pieces of any period or style. His studio is located in Venice in the San Polo sestiere, in Calle dei Calegheri 2856, nearby Campo San Tomà and just a short distance from Basilica dei Frari and Scuola Grande di San Rocco.


                 “…ever since I was a young boy I have been attracted to wood, especially Swiss pine: the aroma, the colours and the grain gave me the idea of a strong, austere, almost eternal material, yet at the same time one that was tractable under the blades of the “marangoni” masters. When I reached the age of 14, my father sent me to “learn a trade”; it was not done for a lad of that age to still be hanging around and playing, so he took me to friends who owned a carving workshop in the town. I liked the craft, the master craftsman told me I was good too, but that I lacked the foundations and so he advised me to enrol at the Treviso art school. I went every evening after work. It was hard but our teachers succeeded in transmitting such a passion for this craft to us that it gave us energy to overcome all our weariness. It was during that period when, as I passed a carving and restoration workshop every day in the San Francesco district, I decided to take courage and go in to offer my services as an apprentice. I still remember the words of one of the partners, “You have a good-natured face; you seem to me absolutely perfect to become a carver “. Time passed quickly: in just a few years I moved to Venice, set up a company and rented a new workshop… Many things have changed, but that boy’s passion, that has not changed; I have kept that with me to this day. Even now, after more than 50 years of work, every time I find myself with a new project to complete, a frame to carve, a moretto to finish, I let myself be enchanted by the wood – that combination of strength, austerity and tractability. ”


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